Bristol Dominion Round Two

My second game was against the Escher gang, the Toxtown Terrors. We were playing for the Needle Ways in a Tunnel Fight, and it looked promising for Big Boned Billy’s Revenge as they went up against the already bloodied and bruised Terrors.

The Revenge started out sneaky, spiking the drinks of two-thirds of the gang, leaving only the Juves alone. This contributed to the rather slow start – neither gang being able to land a hit and (on the rare occasions that they did) failing to wound.

Eventually stray shots started to hurt, as Shake (the Revenge’s Champion Arsonist with a heavy flamer) got hit in the back by a teammate and after too many rounds of no action, suddenly damage started flying on both sides.

The Revenge got complacent though, and didn’t realise that the Terrors had already won the scenario… they stuck in until the tunnels were empty and only then counted the cost. Three fighters were critically injured, and only Penny could afford to see the Docs. Jacob and Wilson died of their injuries later. Arnold and Irving took Grievous Injuries, while Lawrence was humiliated (-1 Leadership and Cool). Only Dot Junior, Shake and Billy himself were fit and healthy after the game. Dot Junior managed to take a champion out of action, and scored extra experience from Billy’s Mentor ability – now he has enough for some advancements, I think I’ll improve his Weapon Skill in order to groom him towards close combat prowess.

I think I’m going to try and squeeze in a bonus game this round, to try and keep it easy and get some of the fighters out of recovery before the next round!

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