Podcasts in 2023

A neat feature in Pocket Casts is one of those Spotify-esque ‘year end’ wrap ups. Here’s mine!
I listened to 373 episodes of 19 shows and it took fifteen days – the most listened to was Penn’s Sunday School (probably since it was two episodes per week) at 62 episodes over 57 hours. Second place was No Such Thing as a Fish, then Garagehammer (long episodes), Dot Net Rocks and Radio 4’s Friday Night Comedy.
Top categories – though I don’t know who categorised them – were Comedy (five and a half days), History (nearly four days), Leisure (two and a quarter days – and is ‘leisure’ hobby things?) and Technology (just over two days).
The longest single episode was Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History about the Celtic Holocaust, at nearly 6 hours. I thought their series on ‘Supernova in the East’ was going to hit the summary somewhere, as six very long episodes (3-4 hours each easily) feels like a good portion of my listening time but apparently not.

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