Bristol Dominion Round One

The new Necromunda is fantastic, and I’ve been getting back into painting my old Delaque gang with some additions from the Heresy Miniatures ‘sci-fi trenchcoat gang’. They look a lot like extras from the Blade films, especially with the bat shaped belt-buckles. Like a very off-brand Dark Knight.

Al Weeks has set up a Dominion campaign in Bristol and since I like campaigns and want to play more, it seemed like a great idea to get into it and get some use out of that Necromunda box!

Since I couldn’t find my old gang list to update and convert to the new rules (damn thing has been around nearly 20 years and now it goes missing?) I started from scratch with the idea that Big Boned Billy (the heavy of the original gang) has struck out on his own. He lost his heavy stubber (not available in the new list) at some point, and I figure that is why he’s so mad and has called the gang ‘Big Boned Billy’s Revenge’. A couple of old characters came along too – Shake, who used to be a juve and is now a champion with a heavy flamer and Dot Junior, a new juve presumably some relative of Dot (a juve-turned-ganger in the original gang).

The Revenge’s first game was a Bushwhack against the Midnight Hand (another Delaque gang) in the tunnels beneath a Drinking Hole. I’d just observed the Midnight Hand getting mashed by Matt’s Genecults (despite the lights being out, playing to the Hand’s advantage) and they were still licking their wounds when the Revenge came upon them. Shake snuck around the back and toasted their leader who succumbed to the flames later – but not before taking out Lawrence (a ganger who thought he could take the burning Delaque).

Billy and Dot Junior ganged up on a champion, gaining Dot some valuable experience. Billy took a bunch of flesh wounds and almost went out of action, but stayed in and recklessly engaged another ganger. Billy had three attempts to use his Mentor ability and flubbed all of them. Billy needs to work on his communication.

The gang bottled out even though the only Hand fighter left was engaged by three of the Revenge, but it counted as a victory because of the number of enemy fighters taken out in the Bushwhack.

In the aftermath, none of my injured fighters had any lasting injuries but some of the Hand went into recovery. With the profits of the skirmish the gang bought stiletto knives for several members (who felt under-equipped when the melee begun) and I’m looking at saving up for a new juve.

I didn’t have time for a second game in this round but hopefully I’ll have time to squeeze one in next time. It’s definitely fired me up to get the rest of my models painted, and I’m working on some scenery from a Mantic Ruined City set.

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