I can’t think of a good "battle-cache" pun

Today marks the 943rd anniversary of the Battle of Hastings, a very important battle in British history. For the foreigners, it’s the last time that foreign invaders have taken over the country. It was fought between William the Conqueror (or William the Bastard, to his own troops) of the Normans and Harold Godwinson of the English.

Harold had just come fresh from repelling the invasion of Harold Hardraada (a Dane), but couldn’t do it twice in a row. The Normans won, built castles all over the place, and William I became King of England.

And while looking to double-check I had the date right, Google’s search results showed something strange about both Google’s cache and Wikipedia’s open nature. By the time I got home, the cache had refreshed so I couldn’t grab a screenshot but for a wonderful few hours, Google’s cached result for Wikipedia’s Battle of Hastings page listed the date as 13th November, 1991.

There was probably a calendar change over the years, but I don’t think the margin of error is that great…

Archived Introduction


I’ve had a website for a very long time. It’s gone through brief (sometimes extremely brief) flashes of popularity before it sinks into lack of updates, real life gets in the way, other projects crop up. Recently, it’s really just been a testing place for programming projects.

So that’s a nice bleak start to the proceedings.

Recently, I’ve tried to write a blog/forum application to run the whole thing off of for a major relaunch. But as time went on, I was spending more time adding features to the wish list and trying to design them into a cohesive whole than I was actually implementing those features. This was obviously not a way to get ahead. I swallowed my pride and grabbed an open-source engine (BlogEngine.NET) which I can fiddle with and write extensions to later, if I really want those little bells and whistles I first tried to build. I wish it had forum functionality straight away, but I can live without that for the time being.

So What’s The Point?

I enjoy reading blogs, and I enjoy writing for the net. I may not get to update this as much as I would like (and as much as I had planned, once upon a time) but I will try and fill things in when they occur to me. Certainly more often than Rob. One bonus of BlogEngine.NET is that I can write things when I think about it, store drafts, and even put in an advance publish date for automatic updating when I forget!

What’s This Going To Be?

Once, it was going to be an example of programming ability to get me a job, and into the bargain would be able to put all the things that get in my head every now and again. Now, since it’s not my own work, it’s going to be more of the latter. This includes:

  • Film and book reviews
  • Things I’ve learned programming
  • Game reviews
  • Painting and modelling stuff
  • Warhammer things
  • My programming projects
  • Some journally stuff
  • Other projects (ie, Haphazard Tours and Noodledude!)

I don’t know when things will update. And I hope to put up all the stuff that once-upon-a-time made my website interesting, at some point. I doubt it’ll be back-dated though. And we’ve missed the 5-year anniversary of Haphazard Tours, so there’s an opportunity missed.

Anything Else?

I don’t know. Questions welcome in the comments!